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 The journey of my hair

"The journey of my hair" was Posted On: Sunday, October 04, 2015 @10/04/2015 03:18:00 AM | 1 lovely comments
 Next destination
Recently i just had an interesting conversation with one of my friends, and I would like to share with you what we had discussed so far. 

My friend and I were planning to have a holiday break, and we were discussing about which country we should visit. I gave my opinion that I personally preferred to go to somewhere out of Asia. So, after some discussions and brainstorming, we had decided to travel to Dubai. 

I found out that the discussion and brainstorming was interesting because we have never been to Dubai and there are so many things that we could do and visit. Part of the reason why we were so excited about this trip is because of the movie Fast & Furious which was also filmed in Dubai itself. 

We are now still in the middle of deciding when to go, and the date has not been confirmed yet, but tentatively it would be in November because the weather is much cooler than.
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 Part 5 - On the way to Guilin

We are ready ! Our itinery of the day is just eat and sit ! We are doing road trip from Zhuhai to Guilin ! 

As usual ~ Breakie at De Han hotel 


Have you ever try farm house home-cuisine, it's not too bad ! 


Yam ice cream from Gas Station

Guilin unique view


Welcome to guilin

Guilin cuisine!

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 Part 4 - Escape to Macau
It is not too far from Zhuhai to Macau, actually it is very near, from De Han hotel taxi ride only tooks us about 10-15 minutes and we arrived at the custom terminal. Our passport did applied for China Double-Entry Visa, therefore this is our last chance to get out from China and return.

Tourist have to fill up the immigration card, if you can read it clearly, you will see that ' Alien Departure Card ' =P So from now please call me Ms. Alien

Rainy day in Macau

Okay, that's the famous pork floss seaweed biscuit ! It's really tasty !

We took the bus to venetian , and we shopped for one whole day inside !

Mr. & Mrs. Liew 

It's not the real sky ~ It's still indoor design

You can see the crowds at terminal


Beauty & The Beast rose



My collection for Thomas Sabo !

Where we had our late lunch at Italien restaurant

Lobster pasta

Lobster Risotto


Highly recommended mushroom hot pot - Yun Nan cuisine, the soup is make from 40 different types of mushroom !

This sauce is heaven !

Australian beef !


Some pin point of the day ! How not to shopping in Macau :P 

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 Part 3 - A day in Zhuhai
We took our breakfast at the hotel and we eat like a king ! 

No wonder they said Chinese can really eat !

Gui Hua jelly

Dim Sum 

Another type of good tea

Yao zhar kuey


Chu cheong fun

tofu hua


Their porridge taste good!



Cha siew Pao

Some cow intestine

For porridge

pork intestine


Don't know what is it

Lao sha Pao

Phoenix's hand a.k.a Chicken Feet

Some ' Chi Ba' 


Some kind of dumpling?

Another type of dumpling, i guess..

My fav. dishes!

Like the dessert 

Pork rib

For the ladies ~ papaya + frog's saliva, love it !


And we went to qi shugong wantan mee for lunch, they have branches everywhere,even inside Huafa Mall , Zhuhai

Visit to Huafa Mall, Zhuhai
You can find anything in China .

Instead of Car Park Full, they have the sign" Car Park Pull " 

Bo Luo Pao


Open Air concept

We saw a crew of Captain America

After that we went to visit the Sea paradise , just pass by without getting in ~ But it looks awesome !

The building is full of penguins ! Most probably u could spend the whole day in there !

We chose a hotel to drop by and snap some pics

Ocen themed hotel

Hotel hallway


Dinner - 湖南湘菜珠海


Dessert- 珠海海清纯甜品店海清纯(吉大时代广场店),海滨南路时代广场1楼

Our initial plan to visit to Zhong Shan for the .Sun Yat Sen's Residence Memorial Museum, Zhongshan 孙中山故居 but it was cancelled due to the weather,anyhow, 
we had a relaxing day in Zhuhai .

We did passed by 

3.珠海体育中心 ( I would highly recommend if you wanted to experience the local , you should go to this place at night. There are thousands of uncle aunties, young kids over there during the night , around 8-10pm , it's like a fest ! 广场舞,chess, tai chi, exercises, social dance, aerobics, it's huge !!

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